Work and Travel USA – What you need to know before your flight

Hello everyone! I was just here packing my stuff for my amazing summer and I thought that maybe it’s not too late to write my second W&T post. My first post was about the first steps before you even apply to the program, if you want to read that post too you can find it here . Today shit is getting serious guys! We’re done with everything. We now have a job, an airplane ticket and a suitcase full of dreams. Are you scared, excited or both? Let me tell you, it’s my second time there and I’m still scared. It’s normal, don’t worry. It’s a good kind of scare.

First of all, we need to talk about your luggage. You need to check on your airline company site what dimensions and weight they request for your luggage. I hope your luggage it’s not already full, cuz’ then we’ll have a problem. You need to pack light for various reasons. You will buy A LOT of things there and you will need an empty suitcase for that or else you’ll just throw everything away at the end of the summer or pay hundreds of dollars for 5 kg more on your luggage.


  • Don’t bring with you the coolest clothes you have, my advice is to only bring work clothes. Because after a few paychecks you’ll buy tons of good quality clothes, bags, souvenirs and everything you like.
  • Bring pills from your country, especially antibiotics! Their medicine is shitty and expensive.
  • *GIRLS* buy the tampons you always use from your country, believe me it’s so much better this way.
  • Keep your documents, money and everything you need until you arrive at your housing in your hand baggage. Your luggage might get lost and they will deliver it to you after a few days. I wouldn’t take any chance.


Now that your suitcase it’s made, check one more time if you have all your documents before you leave:

  • Passport+visa (obviously)
  • DS 2019 (Certificate of Eligibility for Exchange Visitor Status (J- Nonimmigrant)
  • Sevis I-901 Payment Confirmation
  • The job offer
  • The printed plane ticket
  • The Social Security Number card if this is not your first summer there
  • The medical insurance
  • MONEY !!

*** Don’t forget that you can choose your seat and make the check-in online 24 hours before your flight.

*** Wear something comfortable on the flight because you’ll spend more than 10 hours in it.

Now that your luggage and documents are ready, you are ready.. what are you doing after you land? I hope you have a plan for that too, right? RIGHT? Okay, let’s not panic. You have plenty of choices here. Maybe it’s your second summer there and your boss or friend will come to pick you up from the airport. Or… you’ll take the bus. Honestly, taking the bus it’s a pain in the ass. Oh, and be sure that you’re landing on the day time if you’re taking the bus, otherwise you might end up sleeping in the airport for the night. Also be sure to know every detail, because you might need to change 5 buses until you get to your housing. Let me tell you the easiest/lazy way to get to your city. Transportation companies! There are lots of transportation companies special made for work&travel students. For example, I’ll pay 75$ and the company I chose will pick me up from the airport and leave me at my housing address.  Of course the price changes depending on the city and how far it is from the airport.

Here are some trust-worthy companies I know :

** Be sure to have your phone charged!!!!

** Get some sleep on the plane.

** Have some extra money with you, you might need it.

** Don’t forget to check with your sponsor after you arrive at the housing.

I think this is it. These are the most important things you need to know before you leave. I hope I didn’t forget anything and if you have any questions don’t be shy! Ask me in the comments! I’ll be more than happy to help you.

I’m leaving on June 1st, when is your plane ticket? Have a safe trip and I hope you’ll have the best summer ever ! Kisses.


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